Foam Digester

Eliminates hard to collapse foam in any situation

Eliminates foam overflow from tanks.

Removes a portion of the fine 1 Thou bubbles,

that cause application problems.

Works with any fluid viscosity.


Tank Float System Pictured














Complete Tank System

Pickup float

                   Interconnection hosing


                                  316 stainless steel hydrocyclone


Process Description The float/inlet pickup assures the foam digester treats the highest air content foam at the top of your tank. The fluid is then spun at high intensity inside a tube as a thin layer. The layer has a bubble gradient that varies from zero to some content of 1 Thou bubbles only. All larger bubbles burst at the surface and leave with the air exhausting to the room.


At the exit the fluid flares out and forms droplets that spray onto the foam resting at the top of the tank. The spray fluidizes the foam so it can be drawn into to inlet. The air free portion sinks to the bottom. The returned small bubbles stay while bubbles from your process or rise to the top of the tank as they do now.



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